Innovative Vietnam Printing Service

Hung Hing, a printing company from Hong Kong has been building its reliable and responsible reputation since 1950. As one of the leading children books distribution companies, Hung Hing managed to expand its operations outside Hong Kong, with Vietnam printing being one of its top services, which demonstrates its quality of work.

A modern and creative approach to children books distribution distinguished Hung Hing among strong competitors in the market. Since its foundation, this company introduced innovative practices and technologies that no other printing companies had before. Progressively, Hung Hing continued to improve its services and influence in the region, ultimately becoming a significant provider of Vietnam printing services, while growing its global presence as well.

Although Hung Hing is well-known for children books distribution, this company offers a set of innovative Vietnam printing services that make it a valuable partner to businesses in various industries. Apart from book printing and distribution, clients can also request puzzle printing, lifestyle paper products, cardboard boxes and other products of great use for individual and business purposes. 

The idea of the founders is to provide a wide range of printing services that enable clients to satisfy all their business needs at one place. For that reason, Hung Hing’s partnership network continually grows, as well as its presence around the world. Considering the success this company achieved in Hong Kong, it is highly expected that Hung Hing will become recognized and influential globally; especially considering the collaborations this company had with well-known publishing houses from different countries.