Search Ads or Facebook Marketing

Two of the most widely used online promotion channels are search ads and Facebook marketing. They serve different purposes in your online promotion strategies. 

Search ads display your website to potential leads who are interested in your product or service. Advertisers bid on specific keywords and the winner’s ad will be shown at the top of search results. Besides bidding, there are many factors determining the ranking, such as relevance of your keywords, ad copy quality and user experience. With search ads, you can promote emergency products and are best suited for mega sales. For example, your product or service has a short selling cycle or promotional offer, creating a quicker presence will definitely help. In addition, you can control the budget used. Search ads enable advertisers to invest the amount they desire and stop once the product or service is sold out.  

Facebook marketing makes use of social media platforms for promotion. Social media has become a necessity for many people in daily life. With huge usage, Facebook has great business opportunities for many companies. If your product is more visual and needs more demonstration, such as apparel and entertainment, Facebook marketing is more appropriate. You can include images and videos in Facebook feed, ad and other formats to give your target audience an experience before buying it. Besides visual effect, Facebook marketing is more effective in creating awareness for those with passive intent. Your potential customers may not actively search for your product or service. Facebook marketing can create a demand by appealing to visuals and video. To conclude, search ads and Facebook marketing apply to different situations.