Humanities School HK Helps Builds Talents

Talent should never be wasted; it is a foundation that students must build on to reach their maximum potential. Humanities School HK was founded with the aspiration of becoming the leading faculty in humanities education with the mission of improving the research, critical thinking, and academic skills of its students.

Since its first year, Humanities School HK stood out with its innovative approach to education and a captivating learning methodology, as well as modern research centers that gave students all the tools they needed to gain experience, and knowledge while building new skills and improving their existing abilities. With 20+ programs to choose from, over 240 staff, 4 departments, and 8 research skills, EdUHK is one of the most attractive educational institutions to regional and international students.

The fact that four FHK scholars were ranked among the top 2% of scientists in the world by Stanford University is an additional confirmation of the quality of this institution. As new students recognize the learning potential, the popularity of Humanities School HK is growing constantly. Thus, more and more students across the world are applying to the University considering its capabilities.

The four main departments of EdUHK are Chinese Language Studies, English Language Education, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and Literature and Cultural Studies. The wide choice of Humanities School HK allows students to select areas they are most attracted to and the staff of EdUHK ensures their passions are even more ignited once they learn more about their favorite subjects and build skills that not only make them valuable academics but also positively affect abilities that they can apply in their personal lives.