WSET Level 3 – Crucial Step Leading to the Competitive Wine Industry

CorVino Asia encourages wine enthusiasts to attend its outstanding courses that open the door to wine industry professionals. The WSET courses are recognized worldwide. They consist of comprehensive lessons and practices divided into three levels. The first level of WSET teaches attendees all the basic skills that they can later improve on level 2 and WSET Level 3.

Although many wine admirers already possess basic skills that are mandatory in the wine industry, educators suggest attendance at all levels, from WSET 1 to WSET Level 3 because CorVino’s programs will teach even highly-experienced attendants something they didn’t learn before.

Apart from WSET 1, 2, and WSET Level 3, CorVino’s members can also attend a top-ranked sake course. The more knowledge they obtain in the beverage field, the more confident and professional they will be in their future jobs. After each completed level, attendees will receive a prestigious certification that will serve as a great reference once they start building their careers in the wine or sake sector.

The sake course introduces the world of sake to CorVino’s members from the beginning. It is ideal for people that look to pursue careers in the industry but it is also recommended for individuals that would like to learn more about their favourite beverage, without any professional goals. In any of those cases, the sake course will teach members how to explore the main types and styles through smell, sight, and smell and to understand all the factors that affect the aromas and flavours of the beverage.